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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an appointment to see a doctor?
No, you do not require an appointment for our daily walk-in clinics. Though it is recommended to book with your regular family doctor for follow up, or instances that are not requiring a same day appointment.

I need to cancel my appointment but the clinic is closed, what should I do?
You can call our 24 hour cancellation line and leave your name, date and appointment that you are canceling.
You can reach the cancellation line @ 1-877-873-1796

What if I live in a different province or country, can I still come to the clinic?
Hinton Medical Clinic accepts all patients, whether they are local or from out of province or country. We do require provincial health care cards, and there may be fees for those not verified to have coverage.
If you are visiting from out of country, please bring appropriate identification and be prepared for a nominal fee for your appointment as Alberta Health Care does not cover non-residents.

My doctor no longer works at the Hinton Medical Clinic, can I still see a doctor?
Yes, please contact the front reception and they can assist you looking for a new family doctor at our clinic or discussing walk-in clinic options.

If you have a question, please do not hesitate to contact front reception, our staff is confidential, sensitive and understanding. No question is too small!
Speak with our front reception @ 780-865-3338


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